Custom Elevators


At Malift, we stand out for the personalisation of our lifts, with standardised and "Malift-LAB decoration” finishes. With this sort of decoration, we adapt to the client’s specific criteria and taste while providing our experience, for an innovative and cutting-edge design.

We decorate cabins in different finishes including stainless steel, glass, wood, leather and fabric, providing a more up-to-date feel. To finish our lift cars, we include indirect LED lights, to add warmth; mirrors, to provide depth; fine materials including natural and stripped woods; glass and other materials. Our Malift-LAB button panels provide a unique design that affords the use of whatever floor nomenclature the client desires, the inclusion of the name of the building, the client’s logotype, a customised button panel colour, and more. The lift cabins are always personalised in compliance with the regulations in force and have the corresponding standardisation certificates for administrative approval.

We must also point out our steadfast commitment to energy savings, with energy regeneration systems and automatic switch-off systems for lights, making for less energy consumption. If you want a unique design of your own for your lift, don’t hesitate to request an estimate.



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