Malift: installation, custom elevators, renovations, maintenance.


We fully understand that each case is unique. That is why we will provide you with the best solution to adapt to the architecture of your building, while always taking into account your specific needs.

We install all types of lifts in new, existing and refurbished buildings, ensuring maximum quality, efficiency and convenience. We adapt to your project in any sector, covering all your needs and expectations.

Hydraulic lifts: Standard speed of 0.63 m/s. Electric lifts: Conventional lifts with speeds of up to 2 m/s. These lifts offer gearless technology, which enables higher loads with higher travel speeds.
This technology is ideal for buildings with limited shaft space, as there is no need for a lift machine room. Moreover, these lifts consume less energy than traditional lifts and enjoy greater longevity, as there is less overall wear and tear.
Home lifts: The best solution for single-family homes, these compact lifts optimise the available space in the pit and headroom.
Service lifts: Lifts for the transport of freight and passengers.
Bed lifts: Lifts designed for medical centres and hospitals. Car lifts Stairlifts: Adapted chairs or platforms for straight and curved trajectories. Escalators Our lifts, service lifts and car lifts offer a wide range of maximum loads and capacities. Depending on the type of lift, the speeds can vary, ranging from 0.15 m/s to 2 m/s.




At Malift, we stand out for the personalisation of our lifts, with standardised and "Malift-LAB decoration” finishes. With this sort of decoration, we adapt to the client’s specific criteria and taste while providing our experience, for an innovative and cutting-edge design.

We decorate cabins in different finishes including stainless steel, glass, wood, leather and fabric, providing a more up-to-date feel. To finish our lift cars, we include indirect LED lights, to add warmth; mirrors, to provide depth; fine materials including natural and stripped woods; glass and other materials. Our Malift-LAB button panels provide a unique design that affords the use of whatever floor nomenclature the client desires, the inclusion of the name of the building, the client’s logotype, a customised button panel colour, and more. The lift cabins are always personalised in compliance with the regulations in force and have the corresponding standardisation certificates for administrative approval.

We must also point out our steadfast commitment to energy savings, with energy regeneration systems and automatic switch-off systems for lights, making for less energy consumption. If you want a unique design of your own for your lift, don’t hesitate to request an estimate.



All our elevators, whether they are lifts, platforms, car lifts, or others, have their lifetime. For this reason, they all need to be refurbished and updated. 

We guide our clients through this process, providing immediate solutions that add greater safety, features, service and comfort. Be sure to contact us. 

We have a wide range of solutions for both the refurbishment and updating of your lift. We constantly assess and analyse the specific needs of your installation, to guarantee that you will be offered the very best solutions. 

Whether you seek a partial update, a refit or the complete replacement of your entire system, we have the solution for the modernisation of your lift. In a word, we can renovate and /or replace your system in keeping with your needs. 

Moreover, because lift regulations are constantly changing and undergoing updates, we are by your side, to adapt your installations to the regulations in force. 



Proper maintenance is essential to guaranteeing the correct operation of your passenger lift, platform, car lift or other type of lift. For this reason, we offer different maintenance plans, in keeping with the specific needs of our clients, providing transparency, efficacy and professionalism at all times.

At Malift we offer our clients the following range of maintenance plans:

  • Basic maintenance
  • Semi-complete maintenance
  • Complete maintenance

Clients additionally have the option of extending the maintenance contracts mentioned above, by including our +24 service.

Our technicians are highly qualified and have vast experience in the sector, meaning that they have all the necessary skills to carry out any type of intervention on your lift system. For this reason, even if your lift was not installed by Malift, we have all the necessary know-how and training to handle the maintenance and refurbishment of countless different brands of lifts.

We also guarantee the ongoing supervision of any breakdowns or malfunctions, placing high priority on their repair. We make every effort to see that your lift is up and running again as soon as possible.

We have a computerised management and control system that will inform you of the status of your incidents, malfunctions, maintenance and any other tasks carried out, as well as your invoices. Thanks to this system, you have immediate access to all the information on your lift, with no need to contact the office. By entering your user name and personalised password at our website, all of this information is just a click away.  

We commit to inspecting your lift periodically, along with the relevant authorised inspection agency, in compliance with the pertinent regulations, in order to extend the lifetime of your lift and guarantee its safety.

With all of these features, we guarantee the very best maintenance, refurbishment and repair service for your lift.



With our 24-hour service, we offer our clients ongoing emergency assistance at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, whether they are calling to report a breakdown or to request a rescue.

Moreover, and in accordance with the regulations in force, we maintain a two-way communication system. This translates to uninterrupted communication between the client and the company.

This way, we guarantee the option of communication between our call centre and the people inside of the cabin, hence enabling our technicians to monitor the situation and provide immediate service when assistance is requested from inside of it. This system is also helpful for the notification of possible breakdowns in lifts.




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